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Getting Started with PickStreak
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PickStreak.com is a revolutionary new Fantasy Sports Streak Picking game exclusively for Steemit users (click here to learn more about Steem and Steemit) that puts your sports picking skills to the ultimate test. The objective of the game is to accumulate winning streaks by selecting winning picks from an ongoing variety of daily sporting events to earn awards that can be cashed out into Steem.

Member Registration

To start participating in the action and win Steem you must first be a registered Steemit member which is completely free. After getting your Steemit username and account approved (may take a few days) go the the Member Registration page on Pickstreak to complete the registration form and you are on your way. Make sure you use the same Steemit username to register your Pickstreak account so we can identify you.  According to your Steem Power Tier you can start playing. ONLY 1 account is allowed per person, if you are found to be using multiple accounts, ALL accounts will be unfortunately terminated and forfeited, no exceptions.

Starting New Streaks

After registering on Steemit and Pickstreak you need to locate our profile by clicking here

Step 1.  Locate Current Day's Game Post

-  Please start by following us and locating the "Comments" field in our Profile:
-  In the Blog tab locate the Post matching the most recent date and the text "PickStreak" 

  • Following us will allow you to easily locate the game posts. 
  • For example if you are making a pick on the date of January 1st, you will see a game post with the date "Jan 1" and the text "Pickstreak" in the subject line.

Step 2.  Upvote and Comment on the Game Post 

To make a qualifying pick upvote us and make a simple comment that notifies us that you are going to make a pick for that date.

If you are making the first pick in a new streak, just mention you are starting a new streak so we can update our systems..  

Step 3.  Login to Pickstreak and Begin a Streak According to your Steem Power level

You can immediately login to your Pickstreak account by following the "Start New Streak" option from your dashboard while you are logged in your account. By default for new users the "Current Steam Power Tier Level" setting in the header will be set to zero until we verify your Steem Power account and put you at the correct tier (You may check your current Steam Power by visiting https://steemit.com/@USER/transfers where USER is your steemit username) or clicking on your Wallet tab.

After your new account is setup give us 24 hours to manually update your Steem Power Tier Level which determines your payout rewards.  Here is the dashboard where you can start your streak.

Step 4. Make your first Pick of the Streak

After you have made your upvote and commented as described in Step 2 you can now make the first qualifying pick of the streak.  You may click "Expand All Sports" to see all events that are running.  Make sure you click "Continue" to register your pick in the system.  A confirmation will be shown.

All open streaks have a 30 day limit to be completed, open streaks over 30 days from the first pick date are automatically voided and all points are forfeited.

Managing Open Streaks
Once a streak has been started, you must wait for the first pick to be graded. If the first pick is a winner, you will have the option to make your next pick and so on. To enable award payouts all picks must be qualified by upvoting and commenting on the Daily Game Post on the same date the pick is made.  You can view and manage all your open and completed streaks by following the "View Streak in Progress" option while logged in. Depending upon your tier ranking you need from 4 to 7 wins in a row before you are eligible to redeem Steem rewards. If at any point one of your picks in a streak is a loser, the streak is immediately over and no StreakPoints would be earned.  If a pick results in a push, you will be allowed to continue the streak by making another pick.
Redeeming Steem Points
Once you are eligible to redeem any Points within a streak, you have the option of either redeeming them immediately and ending the streak or risking them to make your next pick, however if your next pick loses your streak would be over and no StreakPoints would be earned. Each Tier RAnking has a different payout schedule, please refer to the Payout Chart to see the exact payout amounts. Once a new streak is started with your first pick, it cannot be canceled or changed.
Available Sports, Odds, and Errors
All major American sports are offered to make picks from including NFL Football, NCAA Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, MLB Baseball, and NHL Hockey. Odds are limited to -130, meaning if a line on a particular event is greater than -125 it would not be available to be picked and marked as "OFF". Lines are posted daily around 11:00 AM EST, this includes football lines. Advanced lines for football are not offered. If a game is canceled or postponed for any reason, it will be automatically deemed as "No Pick" and result in a push allowing you to make another pick. Any errors made on a sporting event, start time, or lines will be automatically deemed as "No Pick" and result in a push allowing you to make another pick.
Upgrading Steem Power Tier Levels
You may upgrade your current Steem Power Tier Level.  We are working on that feature and it will be announced shortly.
You can refer friends to PickStreak.com at any time by following the "Refer a Friend - Earn StreakPoints!" option when you are logged in your account. You can earn a 0.1 Streem reward for each friend who registers and makes a play through your referral and there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. StreakPoints earned through the referral system must be risked at least once to be eligible for withdrawal. Meaning if you have referred 20 friends to the site and have earned 2 StreakPoints, you must have at least 1 streaks open or completed in your account before you are eligible to withdrawal your StreakPoints earned from referrals.
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